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Episode 46: Music Career to Voice Over with Erikka J

September 1st, 2023

Erikka J began her career as a songwriter and singer in the DC area, classically training at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Her music videos have debuted on BET Soul,, and Russell Simmons All Def Digital Channel. In conjunction with her music career, Erikka began a voice acting career. She’s started her own publishing and media company, is a certified financial coach and holds a project management certification. You see why we want to talk with her on this podcast? She is quite the example of a business leader and someone that understands how to create a successful freelance career.

*In this episode, we discuss - *

  • How a music career led to her voice over career
  • Her most useful tools for her voice over career
  • Three things she wished she’d done differently at the start of her career
  • What to do when you feel stuck in your voice over career
  • What it’s like being a black VO talent navigating this industry
  • Her advice to black talent just getting into this industry

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