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Episode 47: LEAD GENERATION with Nadia Marshall - What is It? Why is it Important as a VOICE ACTOR?

October 1st, 2023

Before Nadia Marshall became a voice actor, she worked as a Marketing Assistant, Media Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant. In these positions, Nadia learned the in's and out's of finding patrons, compiling data, and finding as much information as possible to then reach out to them. When she entered into the world of voice acting, she realized how important lead generation was and with her past experience, she’s helping you! Nadia's desire is for you to be able to take control of your career and gain more clients.

*In this episode, we discuss *

  • What IS Lead Generation?
  • How Lead Generation can help voice actors get more job opportunities.
  • The challenges most voice actors face with Lead Generation
  • Is Lead Generation for everyone?

Nadia's Lead Generation Course
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