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Episode 45: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING with Laura Bitoiu of BSquared Social

August 1st, 2023

Feel overwhelmed with promoting yourself on social media? Especially the focus on VIDEO CONTENT?
This episode is for you! Laura was a social media manager and consultant when she realized the rollout of Instagram reels and video content was such a huge hurdle for others. She began offering online education around reels to help busy business owners and freelancers gain clarity and confidence. She not only offers one-on-one strategy consulting, she also has a monthly “reels report” subscription.

*In this episode, we discuss - *

  • How to create video content with ease!
  • How many reels per week should we post?
  • How to come up with content to share.
  • Editing tips + video creation resources.
  • Best strategy for an ROI.
  • And how to become comfortable being on-camera.

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Resources mentioned
Flik Social
Cut Story

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