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Episode 59: VO CASTING with Kelly Moscinski of The Voicecaster

April 1st, 2024

Kelly Moscinski is the owner and head of casting at The Voicecaster - the oldest voiceover casting house in the country, established in 1975! She’s been with the Voicecaster since 2009 and owned the company since 2013 as only the 3rd owner since it began. With almost 20 years of experience in VO and even more in entertainment, Kelly casts and directs all things voiceover. Some recent projects include: Cap'n Crunch, Popeyes, Verizon, Walmart+, Google, Amazon, Dungeons & Dragons, Ready or Not and more!

*In this episode, we discuss - *
The biggest misconception voice over talent make about casting directors
What VO buyers are looking for these days for commercial, animation and video game projects
What makes voice over talent memorable
The through line of long, sustainable careers in voice over
How voice talent can make casting easier

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