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Episode 26: VOICE123 with Natasha Marchewka

January 1st, 2022

Struggle to figure out how to make pay to plays, specifically Voice123, work for you? Natasha Marchewka, co-creator (along with Katherine Tole) of the Voice123 Pros course, is our guest today. She not only talks about how to be successful on Voice123 but gives us some great VO business tips in general!

*In this episode, we cover: *

  • Natasha’s VO journey
  • Tips on how to create a successful voiceover business
  • How to have a sustainable VO career
  • Actionable things voice talent can do to create a better career
  • Advice for getting the most out of Voice123

She also kicks off our AVS VOICEOVER CHALLENGE! Every WEEKDAY in January, we’re posting a simple challenge on social media to help you create a sustainable business...but in bite-sized chunks. Sign up for our email newsletter because that’s where we’ll send you the “how-to” for each challenge!


Check out our BONUS questions with NATASHA on the AVS YOUTUBE CHANNEL where we talk about a helpful Voice123 tip, her most helpful app/tech and the best advice she has to creating a successful VO career.


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