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Episode 24: PAY TO PLAYS with Rolf Veldman CEO of Voice123

November 1st, 2021

Rolf Veldman is CEO of Voice123, the world’s first and largest online marketplace for professional voice actors. An impassioned storyteller, Rolf considers himself an entrepreneurial historian who loves board games, scuba diving, cycling, and doing his bit to change the world for the better. At Voice123, Rolf spearheads a widely diverse and fully remote team that has set itself the task of crafting the future of the voiceover industry.

*In this episode, we cover: *

  • What are AI/TTS (Text to Speech Voices)?
  • Learn what Voice123 found out from surveying their buyers about AI/TTS voiceover.
  • Based on those findings, what is the impact AI/TTS will have on talent and the industry as a whole.
  • Reason behind the Backstage & Voice123 merger + what that means for talent
  • Behind the scenes look at Voice123 - how it screens buyers, how it filters job opportunities for voice talent and what you can do to increase your opportunities.
  • What qualities do the most successful talent possess?

Check out our BONUS questions with ROLF where we talk about the TOP things buyers are looking for in a voice talent + a breakdown of the Voice123 tiers - why is the purpose & what does it mean for voice talent.


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